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Recruitment is marketing. Are you ready for that?

Question: does a candidate need to be actively looking for you to place or hire them?

Greg Savage argues that although roughly 75% of candidates aren’t job hunting, they are ‘placeable’, (these ‘hard-to-reach’ candidates are the ones that you can really get paid on!)

These candidates are unlikely to turn directly to an agency, so the key is to engage them consistently and build a ‘resevoir’ of talent that you can add to your pipeline in the future.

With so much out there on recruitment marketing for in house teams, this is a great resource for agency recruiters.


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3 Important Questions to Ask Before Engaging an External Recruiter

1. How long has their firm been in operation? The best indicator of future high performance is previous high performance over a sustained period of time. Ideally, your agency recruiter’s business would have been in operation for at least 3 years, so you can see that they have been able to operate through several economic cycles. The longer the firm has been operating effectively, the more reliable they are likely to be.

2. What is the employee turnover level of the business? You can find this out by either asking your contacts how long they and other key staff members have been at the business, or by simply checking out their LinkedIn profiles. Ideally, you are looking for the company to have an average employee tenure of two years or more, and the higher the better. Low tenure and high turnover levels can suggest instability and fragility within the business, which may indicate that it is not a well run business, making it on [...]

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How Partnering with another Recruiting Agency Works to your Advantage ?

Why would they use a single vendor, especially in a contingent contract situation? They have tough, niche, and/or high levelpositions to fill, a boss or board to answer to and they need to get quick results. You could have the best relationship in town with your client, but they are still going to do what they need to do in order to get their important requirements filled.

Your job is to have access to as many qualified candidates as possible and be able to pull resources together quickly to fill those tough positions. That’s how you stay relevant to the client. Every recruiter has heard the expression “You’re only as good as your last placement.” Well, there is a lot of truth in that expression in the eyes of most clients.

Access to a large candidate pool is really just a numbers game,and you can’t possibly have access to everyone. But, what if you did? What if you had access to 100% of the qualified candidates that could be presented for a job? Well, tha [...]

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How to Choose the Best Agency Recruiter

1. Do you specialize in my industry or professional area? This is a crucial question. The best employers like to work with recruitment agents who specialize in their industry or profession area. So, if you want to access the best jobs/firms, choose a specialist agency. As well as the agency itself being a specialist, the agency’s recruiter should have at least two years of specialism in your niche too, and the longer the better. The best way to establish this information is by asking and by reviewing the agency team’s individual LinkedIn profiles.

2. Can you tell me the number of placements you have made in the last six months and the titles of these roles? Recruiters should be able to provide you with details of placements that they have made that are similar in nature to roles that you would be suited for. They may be reluctant to give you specific names of employersthough.

You also want to see if they have a good pipeline of oppor [...]

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