Global Gate For Recruitment - FAQ

Why Global gate for recruitment?

Our long experience in the field of recruitment in various fields including professional sectors and non-professional sectors. Our ability to understand your needs and choose the actual manpower that serves your needs. Our professional team is with you in all phases of the contract, with a focus on meeting all your needs. Continue to communicate with our customers through different channels of communication after the contracts. Work as a strategically integrated team with our customers to gain the best results.

How can I get global gate services?

You can request your service by

  • Calling the call center on 9200-07408
  • Or from our website
  • Or by visiting our branches

What are the nationalities available

Philippines - Indonesia – Africa

Is it possible for the worker to travel with the client?

Yes, We provide the client with all the travel needs , the company shall be notified two weeks prior to the travel period for an authorization of up to 6 months for long term contracts.

Is it possible to renew the contract with the same worker?

Yes, this is possible if the worker agrees to the renewal.