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Old Care

Elderly Care Office Best office in Egypt Excellent services for the high-est level of care for the elderly at home and nursing home.

There is not the most beautiful in life that we all feel that there are offers intensive care for us, especially with the aging and special requirements, which always strive through our office that we provide to seniors, as our vision towards them take the human dimension superior to that measured in all things, we provide the finest outstanding service by trained nurses and workers from several different nationalities from around the world .. just for your convenience. 

Criteria for selection caregivers for elderly :

  • We always strive to select women with previous experience for the care of the elderly should be relevant prior experience of not less than 5 years.
  • To be fully qualified to organize the affairs of the elderly, including dates  of medicine etc ..
  • To have work experience in first aid in case of need and giving injections.
  • Old that does not exceed 38 years.
  • Be of fitness helps in the performance of its mission without fail. 

Baby Sitter

We have experts with a high level of experience in dealing with childs and nursing.

We are seeking to understand the nature of your requirement because we respect the family ways with children from the early years to the end of the school-age. We'll work to provide the best babysitters for your children with full care.

We put some rules & Conditions during selecting a nanny for your children:

  • To be on the high morals that express your social level.
  • The age must not be more than thirty years and not less than twenty.

(According to the availability).

  • Language must fit the nature of the primary language taught to your children,

whether English or French or other.

  • She must be experienced in the treatment of children.


We provide for your home experts in cleaning and home care at the highest level of professionalism and commitment to provide a healthy life for you and your children.

We provide for your home experts in cleaning and home care at the highest level of professionalism and commitment and as the first Our mission is to provide a healthy life for you and your children, we offer you the crews of foreign skilled labor from East Asia and Africa in order to achieve your ongoing hygiene full health care for your home.

Conditions that developed during the choice for those who you clean your home:

  • To be on the ethics of an upscale express your level social
  • Does not exceed 40 years-old and that at least twenty or according to your desire.
  • Language fit with the nature of the primary language  in the house
  • Be experienced in the home care of not less than two years.
  • To be a sufficient degree of physical fitness in order to perform all the tasks without shortening.


Experience in nursing, hardly trained and tested by high level doctors and specialists

Nursing Service

Global Gate for Reqruitment employs a variety of nursing staff to provide medical care, surgical care, and several additional types of nursing service. All nursing care is offered in coordination with your health care provider. Below is a listing of different types of nurses and also a listing of the specialty nursing services that are offered at Global Gate.

Security and guarding

Primary mission is to protect the lives, property and facilities of our customers,We offer solutions tailored to the needs of the customer in all emergencies.

The main mission is to protect the lives, property and facilities of our clients. We offer tailor made solutions to suit the specific needs of the customer in all emergency situations, in accordance with the laws, human rights, local and international laws and regulations, and always benefit from scientific and technological developments. In various security fields to help us achieve our goals and objectives. In order to keep customers satisfied with our performance, we always monitor the quality of the services provided through the company's operations room, which operates 24 hours to follow up the employees and security personnel working at the same time, and receives complaints and suggestions from the customers in the hope of achieving the satisfaction of customers As our primary objective.