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About Us

Global Gate For recruitment was founded to meet the needs of the private sector to provide brokerage services in the recruitment of home employees of both sexes for many nationalities and various professions as stated in the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and we always work on the rapid delivery and provide the best services in the field of home employment.

We are committed to building trust with customers in order to ensure that we comply with the highest standards of quality and national laws in constant cooperation with "MUSANED" of the Office of Recruitment and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. Our main concern is sustainability to meet the current needs to build a better environment and to achieve the best employment opportunities for home employees and contribute to future generations. We aim to achieve common goals with recruitment offices and companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to achieve your aspirations through your service better.

We are building a long-term partnership between us and our customers and our business to meet business needs. And to establish a culture of respect between the worker and the employer for their rights and what they must according to the teachings of our true Islamic religion and our authentic Arab culture to provide a distinct image worthy of our society at home and abroad.

Goals - Visions


Global Gate For Recruitment Company is one of the leading companies in the recruitment industry.Our main mission represents in providing full outsourcing services including; consultation, proving visas, recruitment, payroll management, governmental services and many others.

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Our aim is to become the pioneer company in the field of providing the manpower services, through the credibility in providing the best integrated solutions which exceed our customers expectations by offering the manpower services at the lowest cost and in a recorded time.

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Establish a long term relationship with our customers, devoting our in-house capability and expertise in providing a professional management for human resources to the business and individuals sectors.

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